Highest Paid CEOs See Salary Growth in New Survey

Professor Abruzzo was interviewed for the CEO Update Newsletter (April 2012)

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Professor Abruzzo was interviewed for an article on Executive Compensation published by the Lawrance Journal-World newspaper
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Teaching Leadership for Public Service

Dr. Joe Cerami chaired a roundtable discussion on at John Jay College of the City University of New York, for the Second Annual Northeast Conference on Public Administration (NECoPA 2011). The roundtable included James Abruzzo, the co-founder of the Institute for Ethical Leadership at the Rutgers Business School (RBS), and Jeanne Marie Col of John Jay College and formerly the United Nations Senior Interregional Adviser in Governance and Public Administration. The Conference theme was on Building Trust and Confidence in the Public Service.
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Prof. James Abruzzo provides panel remarks for the 6th Science Centre World Congress

On April 9, 2011 the Institute of Museum Ethics (Seton Hall University) in partnership with the Institute for Ethical Leadership (Rutgers University-Newark) held a conference on Museums, Ethics, and the Press. James Abruzzo was one of the key participants:

James Abruzzo's views on the subject of arts management and nonprofit business have been quoted in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Forbes, Crain’s New York Business, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and he has been interviewed on NPR “Morning Edition” and CNN. Listed here are some of his publications.

Performing arts, arts leadership and future scenarios: an interview with James Abruzzo

An interview with James Abruzzo by one of his former arts management students from Bologna, Italy, here.


The Future of the Nonprofit Sector in China
by James Abruzzo

On January 22, 2010, James spoke at a luncheon of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong about the future of the nonprofit sector in Hong Kong and Mainland China, comparing it with that of the United States and Europe. In the speech, he drew parallels between the leadership challenges that occurred in the nonprofit sectors in the United States and Europe and offered predictions about what is likely to occur in Hong Kong and China. He also offered some immediate steps that may address the inevitable growth of the sector in Hong Kong and China. The content of the talk is based on interviews with many nonprofit executives in Hong Kong over a period of eighteen months, a review of various research reports and government documents and draws upon his thirty years' experience as an executive search consultant and commentator in the field. This essay is adapted from that speech.


James Abruzzo in Arts Management Newsletter: Bi-monthly Magazine for the Global Perspective in Arts and Business
Arts Leaders and Arts Managers, by James Abruzzo

"Arts managers and arts leaders are two different animals...and arts institutions need both to excel. However, the unmet demand for arts leaders is greater today than at any other time. There are many reasons why the demand for leaders is growing and, unless some fundamental changes are made to encourage and develop the next generation, the gap will continue to increase and have a calamitous effect on the creativity and sustainability of arts institutions." Read James' full article from Arts Management Newsletter Issue No. 94 • November/December 2009 here.


Connect CP: The International Who's Who of Cultural Policy, Planning and Research
Connect CP currently contains over 700 published profiles, representing experts from 101 countries world-wide. Every 24 hours a profile from the database is highlighted. James Abruzzo is featured on Connect CP on November 18, 2009.

James is guest presenter at 2009 NJ Historic Preservation Conference

View Conference list of speakers here.

James quoted on Barnes Foundation’s Economic Plight, National Public Radio, December 12, 2003

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Wanted: Nonprofit Professional to Run Internet Start Up

By: James Abruzzo and Emily Sterling Hall

For years, nonprofit executives have lamented that their for profit-counterparts didn't take them seriously. Suddenly, the hottest business sector is actively recruiting nonprofit leaders to work in Internet start-ups. What's going on? And how can these two groups, with traditionally very distinct approaches and cultures, find common ground? (Read)


Friend of the Barnes Evelyn Yaari responds via email to a post about the difference it would make if the Delaware River Port Authority rescinded its $500,000 in funding for the Barnes' move to Philadelphia.

The Art Law Blog, May 26, 2009, Donn Zaretsky

"The only study we have seen is The Abruzzo Case Analysis, by Professor James Abruzzo, which calls the Philadelphia Barnes plan 'highly risky.' That was in 2004 - before the current climate of extreme uncertainty." (Read)

The Leadership Crisis in Arts Management

By James Abruzzo, 2009

There is a growing leadership crisis in arts management in the United Stated that will have a serious effect on the art produced and presented in the future. simply put, there is a rapidly growing gap between the current supply and the growing demans for capable leaders in the cultural industry. (Read)

The Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Leadership (CNPL) and DHR International Nonprofit Practice presentation on impending leadership gap at ANCOR agencies

By: James Abruzzo, June 30, 2008

The American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR) is a nonprofit trade association founded in 1970 that provides national advocacy, resources, services and networking opportunities to organizations dedicated to offering private support and services to people with disabilities. This industry of service providers to those with disabilities became solidified as its membership grew. Over the last 40 years, as the industry was influenced by and responded to the American with Disabilities Act, Workforce Investment Act, Rehabilitation Act and other social service reforms, namely in Medicaid and Medicare provisions, ANCOR served an increasingly important role. In April of 2008, in advance of a national conference of ANCOR members in New Orleans, DHR International and the CNPL conducted a survey of its CEOs. This paper highlights some of the key findings from that survey. (Read)

EU Consult Conference

James Abruzzo participation, June, 2008

The EUConsult Conference was held in Rome from Friday, June 20th through Sunday, June 22nd, 2008. The leadership of the group should be congratulated for their wise choice of location - Rome was more exquisite than this correspondent has ever experienced - and the hospitality of Pasquale Pesce (conference host) and Dr. Franco Pavancello, President of John Cabot University, where the meetings convened, were outstanding. (Read)

The US Art Museum Management Leadership Gap

James Abruzzo writing,, April 28, 2008

Many of the most sought after museum director positions in the United States are unfilled, some for as long as a year. Over the last ten years, there has always been more than twenty different art museums without directors. And frequently, as was the case recently with the Milwaukee Museum of Art, its new director was recruited from a directorship at another art museum (the San Jose Museum of Art), leaving a vacancy there and the same number of openings. What are the causes of this phenomenon and what are the implications? (Read)

Where the Jobs Are: Nonprofits Hire More For-Profit Managers

James Abruzzo quoted, The Wall Street Journal, April 17, 2008

Gary T. Johnson, a Chicago Securities attorney, took notice when a "perfect storm" of events converged on the Chicago Historical Society in March. The nonprofit organization was in the midst of a $22 million capital campaign, renovating 75% of its galleries and losing a well-known president. (Read)

For Area Nonprofit Execs, Virtue is its Own Reward, but 6-Figure Salary Helps

James Abruzzo quoted,, October 29, 2006, Susan R. Miller

Just because you run a nonprofit does not mean you aren't paid handsomely.
Ask the more than 100 not-for-profit executives in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties who draw a salary of $100,000 or more. Add in benefits and expense accounts and that number climbs by 20, according to a survey of nonprofit executives in the tricounty area. (Read)

Innovation and Inspiration 'New' Liberty Science Center will be on Cutting Edge of 21st-Century Museums

James Abruzzo quoted, Star-Ledger, October 4, 2006, Kitta MacPherson
Be prepared to say "wow!"

Get ready to have fun. Most of all, what the planners of the "new" Liberty Science Center want is for visitors to be inspired, to realize that science and technology are a part of their daily lives and to learn that it is within their power to take informed action on any scientific subject. (Read)


Top Nonprofit Executives See Healthy Pay Raises Salaries increased by 4.8% in 2005, Chronicle survey finds; officers at hospital and arts groups topped the list of highest earners

James Abruzzo quoted, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, September 25, 2006, Noelle Barton, Maria Di Mento, and Alvin P. Sanoff

The median pay of leaders of the nation's largest nonprofit organizations rose faster than inflation last year, according to The Chronicle's 14th annual survey of compensation and benefits. (Read)


Optimism Among NYC Cultural Leaders Hits Six-Year High Cultural leaders report improved results in 2005 and high expectations for 2006

James Abruzzo quoted, DHR International Press Release, May 9, 2006

Leaders of cultural organizations in metro NYC are the most optimistic they've been since 1999. Coming off improved results in 2005, most expect to see continued increases in attendance, fundraising, program delivery as well as overall financial stability in 2006. (Read)


Barnes Seeking Interim Chief The Foundation said its president has stopped running day-to-day operations. It is in for a tough hunt, experts say.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 15, 2005, Patricia Horn

The Barnes Foundation is seeking an interim director to run its day-to-day operations as it searches for a permanent replacement for president and chief executive officer James Abruzzo writing, Kimberly Camp, board chairman Bernard C. Watson said yesterday. (Read)


Steve Adubato Talks With Alex Plinio and James Abruzzo

On this program Emmy Award-winning host Steve Adubato examines what is being done to strengthen the skills of those who lead our nonprofit and philanthropic institutions as he talks with the Co-Directors for the Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Leadership at Rutgers Business School. They will take a comprehensive look at the current state of corporate and foundation giving, as well as the many challenges facing today's nonprofit executives. The program will also bring public attention to the Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Leadership?s goal of strengthening nonprofits and their ability to survive and grow in this difficult philanthropic environment. View and listen to interview video clip here.


Rutgers-Newark Forms Center to Assist State's Nonprofits Will offer courses, research, consulting

James Abruzzo quoted, Peggy McGlone, March 16, 2005

In an era of increased government oversight and decreased public confidence, nonprofit corporation leaders have a new resource at Rutgers University-Newark. (Read)


Opportunity Knocks Across the Pond In Britain, plenty of fund-raising jobs await Americans; landing a work permit is the hard part

James Abruzzo quoted, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, March 26, 2004, Jennifer C. Berkshire

Demand for fundraisers in Britain has never been higher. As the British government scales back its support for cultural, educational and other charitable institutions, the need for people with fund-raising experience, particularly in wooing major donors, has skyrocketed. There's just one problem: Few native Britons have the experience to fill the jobs. (Read)


Managing Museums in Critical Times

James Abruzzo, May, 2003

American art museums face challenges of a magnitude unsurpassed in recent history. They are overwhelmed by a confluence of contemporary internal and external events. Some are dramatically referring to the situation as the "Perfect Storm." While this may be overstating the situation (and one hopes, not indicating a similar ending), it is a serious situation. (Read)


Managing The American Way: Culture and Entrepreneurship in the USA
Delivered by James Abruzzo at the Unternehmen Kultur & Medien, May 18/19, 2001; Berlin Germany